Have you been delivered a defective product? Has someone caused damage to your possessions? Have you suffered damage as a result of unlawful acts by a third party? Are you being held liable for damage?

Our firm advises and litigates in a number of specific areas of liability law, such as liability due to defective items of various kinds. Within this practice, our focus is on real estate and luxury yachts. Within this area of law, people are regularly confronted with insurers. On the other hand, our firm also handles cases on behalf of insurers. In addition, our firm has extensive experience handling cases where the liability of banks is the key element based on the banking duty of care. Consider, for example, situations such as the sudden cancellation of a bank credit, incorrect advice regarding banking products such as interest rate swaps, or the careless execution of a suretyship.

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Our firm has a strong background in civil law, with a focus on litigation practice. Our clients are mostly entrepreneurs in various sectors such as real estate and construction, luxury yachts and the nautical industry, clothing, telecom and logistics.

We do not shy away from complex legal challenges with major (international) interests, but obviously, we also assist our clients with the same dedication in small matters. We know the game like no other. Langerak Advocaten acts as a “tailor-made lawyer” in all matters – sharp, to the point, competitive and swift. We feel at home in court and do not shy away from a tough fight in the courtroom.

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