Would you like help collecting your claim?<br /> If necessary through collection proceedings at the district court?<br /> Do you want to seize defaulters’ assets?<br /> We can do this for you, anywhere in the Netherlands and abroad with the assistance of our international partners.


Do you have a dispute with your co-shareholder? Is the management board of a company not functioning properly? Do you want to start a joint venture or to demerge it? Do you want a shareholder to join a company or do you want to sell the company?


Is your cooperation in a real estate project not working out? Do you have a dispute about a warranty or additional work? Has a property been transferred to you with a defect? Is your tenant or landlord not complying with his agreements? Do you have a dispute about leasehold?


Would you like to have a contract drawn up or reviewed, such as a takeover contract, a cooperation agreement, or a distribution or agency agreement? Is your other party failing to comply with contractual agreements, or do you want to terminate a contractual obligation?


Do you have a labour dispute? Are you involved in a dismissal case as an employer or employee? Is your company reorganising? Would you like to know more about the constantly changing employment law?

About Langerak Advocaten

Our firm has a strong background in civil law, with a focus on litigation practice. Our clients are mostly entrepreneurs in various sectors such as real estate and construction, luxury yachts and the nautical industry, clothing, telecom and logistics.

We do not shy away from complex legal challenges with major (international) interests, but obviously, we also assist our clients with the same dedication in small matters. We know the game like no other. Langerak Advocaten acts as a “tailor-made lawyer” in all matters – sharp, to the point, competitive and swift. We feel at home in court and do not shy away from a tough fight in the courtroom.

Call in our help for your legal issues..

Making progress, achieving success and winning.

Two lawyers, each with their own contribution and a clear common drive: making progress, achieving success, winning. Our clients’ interests always come first.

  • Do you want to collect a claim?
  • Do you want a legal opinion about a commercial contract?
  • Had enough of your underperforming contract party and want to go to court?
  • Do you have to defend yourself against a liability claim?