Have you been waiting (too) long for payment?

We have extensive experience with debt collection and help you collect your claim in an effective manner. If this is not possible without court intervention, where necessary, we seize the assets of the defaulter and can conduct collection proceedings for you, anywhere in the Netherlands and abroad with the assistance of our international partners.

Obviously, we adjust our working method to your wishes and the financial interest of the case. We know how to go about this and do not shy away from taking the matter to court. We have a wealth of experience in this matter. In short, if you are done talking with your defaulters, then we are happy to help you with our efficient approach to results.

Do you regularly deal with defaulters or do you have several outstanding accounts that need to be collected? We are happy to discuss the benefits of a long-term cooperation with our firm for collecting your claims. We are open to alternative forms of remuneration, such as a result-dependent component in the remuneration for our efforts.

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About Langerak Advocaten

Our firm has a strong background in civil law, with a focus on litigation practice. Our clients are mostly entrepreneurs in various sectors such as real estate and construction, luxury yachts and the nautical industry, clothing, telecom and logistics.

We do not shy away from complex legal challenges with major (international) interests, but obviously, we also assist our clients with the same dedication in small matters. We know the game like no other. Langerak Advocaten acts as a “tailor-made lawyer” in all matters – sharp, to the point, competitive and swift. We feel at home in court and do not shy away from a tough fight in the courtroom.

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